Malasana or Garland Pose

Malasana or Garland Pose

Malasana or Garland Pose

What's up, everyone? today we are talking about the pose that most of the Indians do every morning, every evening whenever they have to sit whenever they have to chat this is the pose that is always done by Indians Malasana. Mal means impurity. Well, it's known as garland pose but actually, it's not a garland. It was actually mala that became mala and a mala became a garland. So, mal means impurity and this poses that I'm talking about every person is very comfortable in that pose but it depends on how you do it. 

So, friends in this way, companions, it's otherwise called an Elimination present, Shit present and Squat posture this pose comes into an intermediate level standing deep forward curve and it's an incredible hip opener. So before you get into the posture on the off chance that you have knee damage please keep away from this posture or if you have a tight hip or crotch please sit on a square or a reinforce. So how about we get into the Malasana or a squat present. 

So before we get into the represent it's very important to see that if you're having a really tight hip groin please use a block. So very simple you take this square keep the hands and that is your malasana an exceptionally basic and simple approach to gradually and relentlessly open your hips open your crotch. At the equivalent time the other variables can be taking the support of the ball and with its ball, you're trying to keep it back and slowly and steadily slowly and steadily you're going down down down down and you're maintaining that pose. And then as and when you keep the support of the ball and going down. 

That's one way of slowly, what's more, consistently getting into a Malasana. Now how you do it by and by I stand myself tall in Tadasana I hold my leg to a 45-degree edge. Now from here I tall myself jawline is parallel my shoulders are down and loosen. Up my center is delicately connected with and I gradually go down. Now from here my elbows or my correct knee I press my elbows and I give traction to my spine. So it gives wonderful traction to the spine and individuals with lower back will truly profit since you are stretching your lumbar spine press the palms and now as you press your palms you're opening the pectoral muscles that are your chest. 

To lengthen the spine keep the neck and shoulders relaxed and inhale. It's a magnificent posture to open the pelvis. It's incredible blood dissemination to the pelvic area. Pregnant lady's rehearsing this posture would have a more prominent advantage, particularly in menstruation also. So talling yourself maintaining that pose and enjoy the pose. Coming back delicately and Friends that was your malasana, squat present end posture or shake present


Do not practice this pose if you have a recent or chronic low back or knee injury. Continuously work inside your own scope of points of confinement and capacities.  If you have any therapeutic concerns, chat with your primary care physician before rehearsing yoga.


  • Malasana extends the thighs, crotch, hips, lower legs, and middle.

  •  It conditions the abs and improves the capacity of the colon to help with disposal.

  • This posture additionally builds course and bloodstream in the pelvis, which can help direct sexual vitality.

  • Malasana improves balance, concentration, and focus.

  • Malasana is especially useful for ladies who are pregnant, as it can later guide in labor.

 If you have any suggestions please write to us they are very valuable for us to see you soon Namaste.


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