Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose

Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose

Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose

What's up, guys?  today we're going to do gomukhasana also known as cow face pose This the pose is a very deep hip-opener. It's a very deep shoulder stretch It's great for releasing tension releasing stress and anxiety from your body and it can be modified With a strap.
 Let's get started To come into gomukhasana also known as cow face pose come to sitting on the ground Sit up tall on the two sits bones at the bottom of your pelvis. We'll take the left leg Turn the leg out from the hip and then bend it in bringing the left heel towards the right glutes the outer side of the right glute so your foot is kind of out to the right here Then you'll take the right leg and stack it on top of the left The the right foot is out to the left now. 
You'll see in a lot of photos that People have their knees stacked right on top of each other? personally, I am not built for that so I don't stack my knees right on top one of the one on top of the other. But if you can do that's great just be very careful of your knees You'll want to be sure that you have the hip flexibility before you can do that.
 You don't want to be twisting your knee in that way without actually having the hip flexibility first. So you don't want to twist your knee you want all that Flexibility all that external rotation to come from the hips. So be very careful of that So once your feet and your legs are settled here You can place your arms out to the side. Now since the right leg is on top we're going to raise our right arm up and you're going to lower the left. Now from here, You're going to place the back of the left hand on your upper back and then you're going to bend your right arm and place the palm of your right hand on your upper back as well now.
 If you have the arm flexibility from here Then your fingertips should be touching. If you're even more flexible than that then maybe your palms are touching each other. Wherever you are here You can hook your fingertips together and this stretches the tricep on the right side and The deltoid on the left side. So your left shoulder and the back of your right arm should be feeling a nice stretch here.
 Now once you're settled in your pose you can breathe deeply Feeling the stretch in your hips and in your arms, this pose is great to release tension from your shoulders and your hips Which are to places that we carry all of our tension and our stress is a lot of it at least? So this is a great place to just breathe into it and release and soften out those muscles. Now if you can't read your fingertips You can always use a strap to help initiate that flexibility and gain more flexibility in your arms to eventually have your fingertips touching. This is perfect if your hands Do not touch each other you'll still get the stretch and the benefits of the pose without actually having all of that flexibility quite yet, so once you're done. You can release your hands from the clasp or the strap bring your hands down by your sides and then you can unwrap your legs and come straight into the other side.


  • Genuine neck or shoulder issues

Beginner's Tip:

Learners regularly make some troublesome memories getting both sitting unresolved issues equally on the floor, which can make it hard for the knees to stack over one another uniformly. At the point when the pelvis is tilted, the spine can't appropriately broaden. Utilize a collapsed cover or reinforce to lift the sitting bones off the floor and bolster them equally.


  • Stretches the lower legs, hips and thighs, shoulders, armpits and triceps, and chest.


From the full posture, lean forward and lay the front middle down on the inward top thigh. Remain for 20 seconds, at that point breathe in and come up.

 If you have any feedback if you have any suggestions please write to us they are very valuable for us to see you soon Namaste.


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