Bhekasana or Frog pose.

Bhekasana or Frog pose

Bhekasana or Frog pose

What's up, everyone? today we are learning Ardha Bhekasana ardha means half bheka means frog so its a half frog pose. In your classes or gym mainly we work to strengthening the quads. So this is a quad extending present, so the primary center is to extend the quads to discharge the quads. After we have done loads of fortifying with your quads. 

Before we go further into practice safety is first and what is safety? if you have ankle pain or injuries in your ankle if you have an injury in your knee or your hip or your lower back or your shoulders or neck we should avoid this pose or practice under the teacher's guidance. So, guys, you can enjoy there are more benefits come along with the practice. So as before into the pose, we'll see more and more benefits will come. 

So let's start the practice lie down on your belly, keeping your feet close to each other feet apart. Hip with distance so you come on your forearm and lift your chest slightly up off the mat. Then from here, I'm going to demonstrate with my left leg. You can see it clearly from where I'm moving my right forearm. As you can see my right fingers are facing in now you can move it more in more so support me easily. Now from here, I'm going to bend my left leg and then I'm holding my left foot with the left hand.

 I'm folding from inside and then now watch carefully. I'm rolling my hands and moving my fingers down. Now finger is pointing down towards the ankle and using my wrist on my toes to press down the inhaling chest. I'm looking forward to exhalation start moving heel closer down to the mat. So the heel is coming next to my hip breath in unwinding breathe out for progressively more profound into the posture. Remain here mean 1,2 continue breathing 3,4,5 breathe in to loosen up tad unwind breathe out. Push increasingly more profound into the posture remain here tally 5 again 1 2 3 4 5 there was an incredible quad stretch.

 So when I was doing the present not just the advantage is was desiring the quads as should be obvious. It is additionally a back augmentation a back bowing posture as well. I was stretching my ankles strengthening, my knees same time stretching my quads, stretching my inner hip flexors, stretching and strengthening my back, upper back and doing the back extension for my lower back, chest opening strengthening, my neck strengthening, my arms which were on the mat.

 So there are so many benefits comes along with the training. One posture gives you loads of advantages. Practice one side and afterward practice opposite side with the same tally straight get into the posture remain in the posture tally 5 do the redundancies hold discharge and go progressively more profound into the posture. Hold your posture again tally 5 like this training both sides improve your training make the most of your training, if you have any suggestions please write to us they are very valuable for us to see you soon Namaste.


  • High or low blood pressure.

  • Migraine.

  • Insomnia.

  • Low back, neck or shoulder injuries.

Beginner's Tip:      

Support the lift of the upper torso with a bolster under your lower ribs, and press your free forearm on the floor in front of the bolster.


  • Stretches the whole front of the body, lower legs, thighs and crotches, guts and chest, and throat, and profound hip flexors.

  • Strengthens the back muscles.

  • Improves posture.

  • Stimulates the organs of the abdomen.


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