Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

What's up, everyone? today on the Foundations of Yoga, we're learning half-moon or ardha chandrasana. This is an awesome and challenging pose that's a full-body strengthener. This is such a great thing to do in the foundations, because we can really break it down and build from the ground up, from our foundation. 

You get to go in and experiment a little more on the poses than maybe you can in a public class, or if you're just trying to get your workout done. Take off your shoes and let's learn or deepen half-moon pose. All right, my friends. To begin today, we're going to actually come onto all fours. Just a quick check in to assist you when we get up on our feet in half moon. Essentially, we're checking in with this line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone.  which in Sanskrit means staff or stick, which is quite literally this line that carries us, that holds us up. 

You can take a moment to just visualize that line from the crown of the head all the way to the tip of the coccyx there. As you come to all fours, stack yourself in a tabletop position. We also have a yoga tip for the tabletop position. Here we are. Tabletop position, wrist underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hips. Press into the tops of your feet, press into all ten fingerprints, and slowly begin to lift your knees. Let them hover. It doesn't have to be a big lift here. In fact, keep it quite small. 

This isn't about impressing your dog or cat with your shape. This is about checking in with those abdominal muscles and checking in with this full-body experience, a kind of sense of integrity. Rather than collapsing here, we're pressing away from the earth. We're remembering that the neck is a long, beautiful extension of the spine. I can tell I am tired. My body's like ugh. Anyway, that's good. Press into the tops of the feet. One more breath here, draw your navel up towards your spine. On an exhale, slowly release, curl the toes under. 

We can rotate the wrist here a couple of times if we need to. Then, we'll come up onto standing. Here we go. We're actually going to come into half-moon today from triangle pose. Go ahead and take the feet nice and wide. There is a Foundation for Yoga for the triangle pose too if you want to check it out. Turn the toes in, take a second to stand up nice and tall. We'll take the right toes out here to start. Inhale, send the fingertips out, lift your heart, lengthen the tailbone down. You can already begin to think about head, heart, and pelvis being in one nice line here as we lengthen the tailbone down, relax the shoulders and lengthen the neck. Take a deep breath in, and on an exhale, send your hips back as you reach forward. Reach, reach, reach. Keep length on both sides of the body, in fact, all four sides of the waist here as we come into our triangle. 

We can make little adjustments as needed. Whenever you're ready, inhale. Open your heart up towards the sky. Relax your shoulders down and away from the ears. Imagine your two shoulder blades coming together and melting down towards the base of the spine. We take a deep breath here. Then exhale, send your gaze down, you can just soften in your right knee. If you have a block available, you can take your block here, but if not, no worries. We're going to bring the left hand to the waistline and we're going to step the back foot up about halfway. From here, I keep the length that I had in the triangle, and I'm actually going to do it without the block at first, just in case you don't have a block.

 We'll send the fingertips in front. Front knees bent, I take a deep breath in, I soften through the back knee, and on an exhale, press into all four corners of that standing leg, your right foot here. Right away, I begin to brighten through my left foot. Now, I can go into this pose super fast, but chances are if you're watching this, you're a beginner wanting to deepen your practice, so we're going to slow her down. Fingertips are about two palms length away from your pinky toe here, and we just begin to lift that leg. Now, you're coming in on the full pose here. Left hands on the waistline, right fingertips on the earth. What I can begin to experiment with here are my head and neck. What I'm doing here is, again, drawing energy up from the center channel, imagining this line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. If the spine is kind of wilted here, see if you can grow a little tall through the crown and lengthen your neck. Then we might set that back foot down and lift up, take a little break here.

 If you do have a block, you can bring it now. Again, it's about one block's worth or two palm's worth away from that pinky toe. We can also begin to grow this pose from the ground up without the block. If you have it, great, we can use it. If not, no worries. Okay, here we go. Coming into our triangle, we take a deep breath in and exhale, tilt. Remember this length is spaced and soften through that front knee. We'll bring that back foot up halfway. Fingertips are going to come to the earth, or palm to the block. I bend both knees, inhale in, exhale. Liftoff. This time, as I spiral my heart out to the side, I'm going to begin to lift that back leg. Sorry, it's a little hard to do it while I'm chatting. Visualize this beautiful line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. 

Draw energy up from the arch of your right foot. Keep a soft bend in this right knee as you spread awareness through all four corners of that right foot. I'm pressing into my left heel. I'm really engaging through that left foot, creating a full-body experience as I extend from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone and also tailbone, sit bone really, to heel. The left hand can be on the waistline here as we relax the shoulders away. Remember what you had to do in your abdominal wall when you were in that hovering cat-cow, my friends. As we grow the practice, we can open out here. Also, of course, we can do this from the earth.

 Think about just, again, gathering energy up from the earth. Take your time, slowly growing this practice, taking every muscle fiber along for the ride. Long extension through the neck. Everyone, charge through your left inner thigh. Even if we're here, we can begin to engage that foot, draw the navel in to meet the spine and start to charge that left inner thigh. Check out this sexy pose. This might be your half-moon today. Then here, and then here, and then here and relaxing the shoulders down and slowly we grow. Play a little bit here on the right side. Take breaks if you need to. Forward fold. We'll just take a couple more breaths here, playing with a half-moon on the right side.

 How can I create a full-body experience drawing the shoulders away from the ears? Soft bend through the right knee, so don't lock that standing leg. Press into the left heel, charge that left inner thigh. Deep breath in. Extend through the crown. Wherever you are, you're using exhale to slowly unravel it back with control, with grace. Cool, we will all come into a nice forward fold here. Grab the elbows, rock a little side to side. We'll tuck the chin into the chest and slowly roll it up. Take your time. Okay, here we go on the other side. Let's take the feet out wide. I'll walk you through this triangle. If you're new to the triangle, check out the foundations of the triangle. 

We'll turn both toes in, stand up nice and tall. Find that length.  Foundations of Yoga, is we just get to slow it down, break it down. Keep this length as you turn your left toes out. We really press into the outer edge of that back foot for a triangle. Inhale, send the fingertips out left to right. Exhale, moving into triangle sending the hips back as we reach, reach forward. Long torso. We check it out here on the other side. The reason I like to come to triangle first is tilting into half-moon from tadasana, for a beginner, is a little much, but it eventually will become fun for you, I think. Also, we keep this length, and if we don't forget about the underbody here. Chances are sometimes triangles kind of look like this. 

See if you can create a lot of space between your left earlobe and your left shoulder, as you draw the shoulder blades in together and down. Cool. See where you're at on this site. Notice, of course, it's different than the other. Then, we're going to go right into it. We're going to release the right hand to the waistline, soften through this knee. Just see where you're headed here, in front of that pinky toe. Then, we're going to soften through the back knee and hike it up halfway. Great. Fingertips come out off the mat. I'm going to actually center myself just so my frame looks good. 

As you practice with the block, you can always go to different levels. Yes, we know. Here I go. Engaging energy, drawing energy up from the center channel here, a little Mula bandha if you're familiar. Also playing with that navel to spine. Uddiyana bandha. Drawing the navel into the spine and we lift the big toe up. Flex that foot. Find length. If you're kind of here at the neck, remember, neck nice and long. Here, again, we can just go here, Take your time. Just lift one big toe-off. Even if you have the experience, you might just take a moment here. 

You might notice if you're crashing down onto that left hand. You might just bring just more consciousness into the body. Cool. We're going to go right into it from here. Wherever you are, and I'm going to take my block away just to show you that if we don't have that block, it's okay. I'm going to keep this soft bend in this left knee. Maybe you just stay here, my friends, playing, or maybe you begin to open up. Use your breath. Draw energy up from that left foot, but keep a soft bend in that left knee as you open out.

 Not everything has to happen at once, my friends. You can work on charging that back leg and then tend to the shoulders, slowly going through your checklist as you extend through the crown of the head. Charge that right inner thigh. Eventually, we're opening out through the ribcage, right, and drawing that left ribcage up and under. Then, I set my gaze up and fall out. That's what it's all about. Here's a little playtime for you and me. 

The left side is definitely different from the right for me and talking. A couple more breaths here. Keep playing on this side again, or anywhere. We're here, we're here, we're here. Sometimes, it is nice to practice this against a wall. You can press that right heel right up against the wall. Wherever you are, take one more deep breath in, smile, and exhale with control. See if you can slowly, with control, unravel back to that forward fold. 


  • Cerebral pain or headache.

  • Low circulatory strain.

  • Looseness of the bowels.

  • A sleeping disorder.

Beginner's Tip:

Many starting understudies experience issues contacting the floor with their lower hand, in any event, while laying it on the fingertips. These understudies should bolster their hand on a square. Start with the square at its most elevated stature and, if your parity is unfaltering and agreeable, drop it down first to its center tallness, at that point at last if conceivable to its least stature.


  • Fortifies the stomach area, lower legs, thighs, bum, and spine.

  • Stretches the crotches, hamstrings and calves, shoulders, chest, and spine.

  • Improves coordination and feeling of equalization.

  • Calms pressure.

  • Improves assimilation.

If you have any suggestions please write to us they are very valuable for us to see you soon Namaste.


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