Warrior 2 pose or Virabhadrasana II

warrior 2 pose or Virabhadrasana II

Warrior 2 pose or Virabhadrasana II

What's up, guys? today our topic is Warrior 2 also known as Virabhadrasana 2. It is a beginner level standing pose and it is once again a good hip opener compare to warrior 1. warrior 2 is progressively extraordinary and a brilliant hip opener companions.

 Before you get into the training security first,  so truth be told in the event that you have any ongoing or chronic injury to the hips knee or shoulders just avoid this. So listen to your body when you practice your body gives a lot of messages when you actually get into the training. So before getting into the training you have to set yourself up by doing a triangle represent a tree, represent that is a Vrakshasana a triangle present is trikonasana and a reclining hand to big toe pose are Suptapadangusthasana.  

These are some of the postures that you need to create a little bit of warm-up when you want to get into a warrior 2 position and friends this warrior 2 position falls into an externally rotated femur as I told you in warrior 1 this is the external rotation of that femur. This is an internal rotation of that femur so any asanas the legs go wide apart it's known as external rotation of the femur. 

So friends lets get into the pose so before we start as I told you we have different variations to get into warrior 2. Suppose if you are doing a vinyasa flow it starts with a downward-facing dog and if you are planning just the asanas separately so once again different variations. So from here tall yourself & keep your neck long and either jump or just take the legs wide apart. Now the distance of the leg would depend upon your height and what extending feet some stretch in your inner thighs.

So just try to observe and test yourself okay. This is comfortable I can feel the stretch my legs are working. Don't take it too much wide where the strain starts coming on the back and you don't get a great foundation. So we need the outer edges of the feet also to be active. So that's my position now from here, what I need is my heel in line with my arches so if I take my heel & I take the right foot exactly to a 90-degree angle. 

So now if you see my heel is in line with my heel I take the back feet to a 45 degree angle. Now from here, the right feet was 50 degrees in and the heel goes 50 degrees in. So the whole criteria are that my heel should be in line with my arches so the front right feet should be in line with my left arch. So now from here once again I check that my body is not going this way, so once again the fundamentals are same my knee is in line with my ankle and my knee is inline with my 2nd toe and most over here. From here people who find that if hip flexors are weak, their knee is to go towards the big toe, in that case, pls shorten the distance and try to work on your groin.

So once again tall yourself lengthen the spine and observe your breathing. So inhale and exhale now from here. You can straighten the arms keep the shoulders down and observe your breathing. When you do this posture and keep the neck long keep the shoulders down. We don't need to shoulders lifting up like that. We need the shoulders down and check the positioning of the feet. If you want to deepen the stretch keep the leg go back, take it fronter and you can still deepen the stretch. So, friend, it depends on person to person.

 So holding it there maintaining that pose and don't forget to breath inhale and exhale. So might be 5 - 8 breaths are good enough and come back keep the hands on the hip release. It turns the feet in and that's your pose of warrior 2. So friends just are careful when you do warrior 2 the knee and ankle are in one line. The knee and 2nd toe are in one line at the same time don't make the legs too wider it would be difficult to balance. Don't forget to practice this posture. It's a great hip opener asana, it strengthens your ankles and legs it opens your hip flexors and chest and stretches the arms and legs.

 So when you are really widening it out you are stretching your arms and legs at the same time it develops concentration and drowsiness and it improves once again blood circulation and it energizes the whole body. 

 Cautions :

  • Diarrhea

  • High blood pressure

  • Neck issues: Don't turn your head to investigate the front hand; keep on looking straight ahead with the two sides of the neck protracted equitably.

Beginner's Tip :

At the point when you twist the left knee to a correct edge, twist it rapidly with an expressive exhalation, and point within the left knee toward the little-toe side of the left foot.

Benefits :

  • Reinforces and stretches the legs and lower legs.

  • Animates stomach organs.

  • Remedial for carpal passage disorder, level feet, fruitlessness, osteoporosis, and sciatica.

  • Stretches the crotches, chest and lungs, shoulders.

  • Assuages spinal pains, particularly through the second trimester of pregnancy.

  • Expands stamina.

Variations :

In the portrayal over, the shoulders are focused over the pelvis with the sides of the middle similarly long. You can likewise lean the middle marginally away from the left leg, tilting the arms parallel to the line of the top shoulders. This stretches the left half of the middle. Rehash on the correct side.

If you have any feedback if you have any suggestions please write to us they are very valuable for us see you soon Namaste.


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