Vrischikasana or scorpion pose

Vrischikasana or scorpion pose

Vrischikasana or scorpion pose

What's up, everyone? today, we're going to learn a safe way to get into Scorpion Pose. This pose(Vrschikasana) is an advanced pose that you may not be able to achieve until you have accomplished enough center quality and you have aced essential yoga presents. This extreme backbend reversal mirrors the situation of a scorpion prepared to strike. Some have named Scorpion as the hardest yoga present.

You have to make sure that your palms, your elbows are shoulders width apart, this way, you should be able to grab your elbows, once you straighten your hands, aim to keep your hands and elbows equally apart. once you go up, Your hands will eventually move closer, and elbows wider. Make sure you place your elbows shoulder-width apart so your elbows or your hands can move a little if there is a need.

 Once you place your palms down, lift your head up, or look at your hands, and with control, move your legs up. one leg up first, if you are comfortable both legs. And then bend your knees, directing your feet toward your head. That's how you do the pose. Now, what are the things you need? Most people, difficulties that they come across and how to overcome those difficulties by doing certain conditioning exercises or the movements that can help you get close to doing this pose. 

For your chest and the shoulder opening, For that, I suggest you do Camel Pose. For Camel Pose, you just need to keep your knees and your feet hip-width apart, you can tuck your toes, grab your hills from inside or outside. But if your upper back is stiff, I suggest you grab it from inside. This way, palms in, shoulders back, chest open and eventually, but slowly push your hips forward.

 Exercise No.2. Elbow plank, or can be between elbow plank and straight-arm plank because you need to have a strong core and a stable balance. so I suggest you switch between elbow plank and straight-arm plank. This is how you do it. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart, your feet can be either together or hip-width apart. Start with straight-arm plank and aim to keep your body as stable as you can while doing the movement. Also try not to move your hills, keep it as stable as possible during the movement. Do around 3 sets of it, 10 rounds in each set. 

Exercise No.3, Because when we are in a Scorpion Pose or Forearm Stand, what happens, is, you need to move a little lower and higher so I suggest that you do some exercises that help you strengthen your shoulders, It also improves the mobility of your shoulder joints. Let's start with Forearm Plank, you can make a fist, thumbs up, which is easier to reach. Then you move forward to touch your thumb, move back, move forward to touch your thumb and move back. 

If you see the movement carefully, the focus is not on arching or rounding the back, the focus is not on lifting or lowering your hips, The movement comes from the toes. Again, see this. These are the 3 exercises and movements you can do to help you get closer to doing Forearm Stand or Scorpion Pose.

 why the 3rd exercise is so important when you do Forearm Stand or Scorpion Pose. You ought to move that way because you can't always expect to stay stable once you get into the pose. so, I hope these exercises can help you get closer to doing Forearm Stand and Scorpion Pose. 


  • Captures the physical maturing process.
  • Improves dissemination in the lower appendages and belly.
  • Renews all body frameworks.
  • Builds up a feeling of Balance.
  • Improves the bloodstream to the mind and pituitary organ.
  • Stretches and loosens the back.
  • Tones nerves and spine.
  • Strengthens the arms.
  • Tones the conceptive organs.


This asana ought not to be polished by individuals with hypertension, vertigo, cerebral thrombosis, incessant catarrh or coronary illness. It ought to be kept away from in pregnancy also. 

That's it for now. Thank you. See you next time. Namaste.


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