Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

What's up, everyone? today, we're going to learn a safe way to get into Mayurasana, also known as peacock pose. Let's begin to inhale rise up come to stack shoulders over hips and then spread the knees. Wide press the big toes together press the inner edges of the feet together, so what we're going to do here is bringing the elbows towards the inside of the stomach. Don't worry about the inside of the hands and the inside of the elbows touching just yet.

 What you mainly want to work on is finding the length through the heart reaching forward length through the feet lifting up. So we've stimulated the back, we've stimulated the core, we've woke up the wrists to be strong in this position with the hands in a reverse action. So we're going to channel that here and find the balance notice especially for all of you ladies that you will need to roll the shoulders back and kind of lift your chest upright. You want to use your arms in a sense as a push-up bra to help you create the length you want to come underneath and then point the fingers down. 

The hands land on the floor. The heart looks out the gaze looks out you find focus as you begin to bend the elbows lean out and maybe you just stay right here or maybe you begin to lean forward and lift the feet up off the ground try and be here for five, four, three, two, one. Knee to floor really nice job on the first round. On the next round notice at that time, you felt yourself crashing to the floor if you ever find yourself in the direction of going towards the chin stand stop reset to try and keep the shoulders at the same height of the elbows or slightly higher. That way you know that the chest is lifted you know you have the opportunity to balance the weight in your body.

 It's like a teeter-totter you don't want to be too heavy in one direction or another because that's going to take you right to the floor around too. Let's give it a go remember to roll the shoulders back elevate the heart the elbows begin to come together. The chest is forward the gaze is forward this round if you were successful at that time you may want to bring your feet as wide as the mat seeing. If we can lift the legs with long straight and wide so again elbows coming in fingers pointing down. 

Guys going out elbows bending leaning out lifting the legs four, five, four, three, two, and  the one, you're right back to the floor lifting the harder finding a good amount of space in the body taking a nice deep breath really feeling all that the pressure of the elbows into the stomach. Sometimes they can clear a few things up one more around here roll the shoulders back elevate the heart pull the belly button. In this time if you'd like to work the legs straight variation it's nice to start with the feet wide like we did before but you could also start with the knees together remember to work in the place that feels best to you, so no pressure, if you're still with the feet in close knees, bent or legs wide you're working on walking your own pathfinding a connection to your body in this space roll.

 The shoulders back elbows in fingers point down, palms lie flat if you want you can even move the hands closer together maybe in time. The forearms touch of the inner edge of the hand touches but I personally think it's a much more challenging balance and mainly because it relies a lot on how your body is physically built right? If you're heavier up top there you have a lot more arm muscle it's kind of hard to fit your body into that kind of a puzzle piece.

You want to find something that works just for you right? So it could be the hands slightly wider, it could be the hands together but you're working in a place where you can find success awareness and a higher sense of confidence in yourself in this posture, in the bend the elbows lean out to pull the belly button then begin to extend the legs back float the feet channel lotus pose here for four three-two-one. Knees back to the ground lift the heart up spread the arms wide create a fist press.

 The fists together drop the backs of the hands to the floor and hug the forearms to the midline of your body sway side to side. Just a little bit allowing the wrist some relief and then release. Bring the knees together keep the toes tucked close your eyes and just find a simple seat.

 Thank you for taking the time to practice with me today. I hope you enjoyed this little adventure through peacock pose remember all these poses require a bit of practice so come back to this blog as often as you see fit have a great rest of your day.

Steps of Mayurasana :

These are the steps of Mayurasana.

  • Start the posture by delicately sitting on the heels. Keep your knees wide separated.
  • Keep your hands on the floor and point the fingers towards your body. Twist your elbows tenderly and gradually press them towards the stomach area.
  • During the posture, you ought to consistently keep the stomach firm. This is something that you can do by dropping your head on the floor and upgrading the quality of your stomach.
  • Loosen up your legs while ensuring that your knees stay straight. You ought to likewise keep the upper piece of the feet confronting the floor.
  • Loosen up your legs while ensuring that your knees stay straight. You ought to likewise keep the upper piece of the feet confronting the floor.
  • Loosen up your legs while ensuring that your knees stay straight. You ought to likewise keep the upper piece of the feet confronting the floor.
  • Remain on this posture for around ten seconds at the underlying stages. With more practice, you can to clutch the posture for as long as 1 moment.
  • Drop your feet and head on the ground and discharge the posture.
  • Unwind once the asana is finished.
  • You can rehash it multiple times.

Benefits of Mayurasana :

These are the main Mayurasana benefits that you should know about.

  • Mayurasana can help in expelling poisons from the body. It can detoxify the body and
  • evacuate fevers and tumors.
  • Mayurasana invigorates the stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver, kidneys, and digestive organs.
  • It can help in improving stance...
  • Rehearsing Mayurasana helps the quality of the shoulders, wrist, elbows, and spine.
  • The asana tones stomach related organs and furthermore expands blood flow inside the stomach zone, in this manner improving its quality.
  • It can likewise help with battling heaps and diabetes.
  • The asana quiets the eager personality and enormously diminish tension and stress.
  • It improves center and focus and furthermore the coordination among brain and body.
  • It improves center and focus and furthermore the coordination among brain and body.


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