Matsyendrasana or Lord of the Fishes Pose

Matsyendrasana or Lord of the Fishes Pose

Matsyendrasana or Lord of the Fishes Pose

What's up, everyone? today, we're going to learn a safe way to get into Matsyendrasana asana. so trying to sort of talk you through Poorna matsyendrasana. The posture that it's difficult I think for most of us and depending on what your proportions are in your legs. What's happening with your knees and your hips. I don't really know what the secret is but I know that a lot of people can't get both hips down and so a lot of people use roll rolls underneath one of their hips and I certainly did that for a long time and I think what the key was for me was sort of doing it in two parts.

 Where I got in to some of the half Lotus position and I really found my twist and was able to think about sort of letting go in a strange sort of way. So that I could just allow the hip to come down and then also finding sort of a balancing point with how my legs were positioned. So I'll just walk you through what it is that. I do and see if perhaps starts to make some sense so coming into the Half Lotus position and Bending the knee. Then bring the foot another side of the knee on this side. 

I can actually keep both hips down and get into it over time. It's sort of managed to work this way however on the other side it's a little bit more tricky. So let's try the other sides, this side gives me a bit more trouble. So if you fill it in to me here, then think you want to focus on it. Actually finding sort of a lifting and twisting action in the torso. So it's almost like you're sort of removing any pressure that your middle body or torso is going to put me putting onto your knee. So working slowly kind of moving yourself in such a way. So that your knee is getting some relief placing your foot and from here for me. It feels quite tippy and I can't actually have my hip down without my leg coming down but I'm going to play with it for a little bit because I'm going to try to keep both hips down while I try to position this foot to bring it up a little bit more. 

So you're kind of getting a sense of okay what do I have to do to my torso and really it's engaging mula bandha because you want to kind of bring this up and around. So that you have more freedom here. So I'm going to keep lifting my chest keep encouraging my hip down bringing this hip forward to bring this foot up. I keep breathing and I'm going to come into a twist keeping the chest lifting and the hip rolling forward and I'm turning into my twist in a deeper way okay. So I'm creating some space and my elbow is coming on the outside of the leg and once I've got that and I might be able to sort of getting further into the twist my shoulder. 

Now looking around just above the knee. I'm gonna try to find that foot. Now I've kind of lost my left right because I'm really just crunched up to try to grab that foot. So I'm going to try to find that lift again in the chest as much as I can while bringing this hip more forward and down. So I've got the foot. The twists get stronger and I have to stop talking now so I named some space. I'm not pressing into that foot against that's against my belly and then I'm also going to move my foot and my knee a little bit to maybe find some counterbalance.

 There might help bring the hip forward a little bit more bring the hip down forward moving the foot around trying to find kind of a balance lifting my chest coming in to the twist and I can almost lean back there. you go that side is incredibly hard for me the other side not so much knows why it's just the way we are. This side is much easier, I can sort of stay. You know everything down I'm twisting its great fun prob I can talk while I'm doing it but on the other side I have to be very mindful. I constantly trying to lift up the torso access the liana bandha twisting really allowing space. Therefore my foot so my knee isn't hurting so much and at the same time bringing this hip forward and down and then sort of moving my foot and me to try to find the counterbalance and the chest is lifting so much. That I can actually lean back a little bit and stay in that position. So I'm going to try it one more time not talking at all and see if that makes some sense just remember to breathe. 

Beginner's Tip:

Hi this is your pose guide for seated spinal twist to begin to straighten your legs out in front of you. In this asana press the big toe mounds together and separate the inner heels by about an inch place your hands slightly behind you and press them down into the floor. Drawing your low back into a curve press your thigh bones down. Then lean a little bit to the left and bend your knees swinging your feet toward the right side of your body. Stack the right ankle over the left arch then grab your strap and make a small loop in it. 

Big enough to put around your shoulder so about like that okay. I'll place the loop over my left shoulder then take the strap around the back into the right hand for your left-hand places your block behind your back. So the strap is going to give the body direction into the twist.

 Let's begin with a slight bend in the right elbow, turn your body to the left inhale into the back of your body feeling the ribs pressed back against the strap and then exhale pull on the strap moving the head of the left arm bone. Back inhale make your back body full against the strap and wide toward the direction. The right hand is pulling and then exhale feel the left shoulder rolling back. Note here that my left elbow is a little a bit bent when we lock out the arm. We tend to lock out the pose also notice that I'm not turning my chin too quickly rather working section by section to turn my spine from right to left and ultimately letting the chin follow. The heart as the body opens more and more into the twist you might take your right hand over to your outer left knee for a little bit of a deeper pose again keep moving the inner body in the direction. 

The strap is pulling. then take a deep breath in and release straighten your legs out in front of you. Then let's move the strap onto your right shoulder bend the knees swinging your feet toward your outer left hip stack your left ankle through your right arch then take the straps around the back into the left hand. Place your right hand on the block before making an effort. Take a deep breath in exhale pull gently with the strap guiding the body into the twist.

 So some key things to focus on here are breathing into the back of your body feeling that strap behind you pressing into your right hand and allowing the right shoulder to roll back. Keep breathing turning section-by-section. The low belly, the ribs, the shoulders to deepen. The pose moves your left hand to your outer right knee and pull, so we often turn the head faster than the spine. So slow it down moving from deep inside your spine from left to right letting the head slowly follow the spine inhale and release stretch both legs out in front of you. This asana can take the strap off press your fingertips into the floor and lengthen your spine next cross your right ankle to the outside of your left knee. 

Bend your left knee bringing that foot toward the outer right hip. Squeeze the ankle in the knee firmly into each other and then lean forward placing your fingertips on the floor. Lift the hips up and inhale. Widen your left hip then sit back down. Notice now how both sitting bones are more evenly rooted into the floor. Turn to the right placing the right hand on the block and let's start out easy here so just wrap your left forearm around the front of the right knee and create some the tension between the hand and the knee pushing them into each other that ultimately leads down into the strength of the outer right hip squeeze that in pulling.

 The right femur deeper and deeper into the socket good then inhale into your back body making it full and then wide toward the left elbow exhale into the twist really pulling those right obliques back toward the right elbow, good inhale to lift your chest up widen your collarbones all the way out to the shoulders and then exhale roll that right shoulder back just like when the strap was around it. Finally, turn your head and look to the right inhale and release exhale straighten your legs. Your spine donned asana second side cross your left ankle to the outside of the right knee. 

Then lean to the right bend the right knee and swing the foot back toward the outer left hip. So it's often the case in this pose that when we start our foundation is a little bit unlevel. So we want to level it up to hug the knee and the ankle together, lift the butt off the floor and widen it a bit to the right. Then sit straight down a good place. Your left hand behind you on the block hook your right forearm around the right knee. Inhale lengthen your spine exhale push your knee and hand together to firm the outer left hip deeper into the socket keeping that inhale widen the right ribcage exhale. Pull the left ribs back into the twist section-by-section. 

Here inhale lift up and under the collar bones widening and then exhale roll the left shoulder back. Feeling the shoulder blade against the back inhale lengthen up through the back of the neck and then exhale turn the head and look over your left shoulder inhales and releases exhale straighten your legs. One more time bend your right knee taking the ankle to the outside of the left knee lean to the left pulls your left foot towards your outer right hip. 

Now as we get deeper into this twist which ultimately leads to a bind. We need to move our knees more and more toward the center of the mat. So I'm going to do that here to move my left knee so it's facing straight ahead like the bow of a ship and even pull the right ankle closer to the body. So it's at about mid-thigh and then we'll see what we can do okay so hug in with the legs lift the hips up widen the left sitting bone and sit back down. Now place your right hand behind you inhale reach up through the left arm twist then hook the elbow to the outside of the knee. Push the elbow and the knee firmly into each other in order to firm your outer right hip squeeze that in then push with the right hand inhale back body full left lung wide exhale twist inhale lift and widen your chest exhale roll. 

The right shoulder back feeling that shoulder blade come onto the back and then inhale lift up through all four sides of your neck and exhale turn your head to the right inhale release exhale and straighten your legs, straighten your spine, the second side place your left ankle to the outside of the right knee. Then lean to the right folding that legs back towards your outer left hip. So here we want to get the bottom knee a little more straight forward that's it.

 Then lean forward and widen the right hip sit back down a good place your left hand behind you on a block inhale reach up with your right arm turn the palm to face back as you twist  and hook the elbow over the knee. Turn your palm to face forward good and create that dynamic. The tension between the knee and the elbow that helps you firm the outer left hip into the socket good keeping that pushed down through your backhand and inhales lift up and wide through the right lung exhale twist inhale widen your chest exhale pull the left shoulder back inhale lengthen the neck and exhale look over your left shoulder inhale and release exhale straighten your legs.

Health Benefits of  Matsyendrasana:

  • Stretches the muscles on one side of the body while compacting the muscles on the opposite side.

  • Builds the versatility of the spine, conditions the spinal nerves and improves the working of the spinal line.

  • Diminishes back torment and firmness from between the vertebrae.

  • Back rubs the stomach organs and builds the stomach related juices making it valuable for loss of hunger and stoppage.

  • Regulates the secretion of bile and adrenaline.

  • Alleviates strain that may have developed in the once again from forward and back twisting asanas.

  • Improves round shoulders.

  • Loosens the hip joints, relieving stiffness.

  • Releases tension in the arms, shoulders, upper back, and neck.

  • Builds purging of the blood just as the inner organs.

  • Useful for a slipped disc.

  • Opens the chest and expands the oxygen supply to the lungs.

  • Useful for diabetics, with concentration on the pancreas.


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