Shavasana or Corpse Pose

 Shavasana or Corpse Pose

 Shavasana or Corpse Pose

sava = corpse

This pose is also called Mritasana (pronounced Mrit-TAHS-anna, Mrita = death)

Right away take a seat on your mat and gently close your eyes observe everything that's happening in this moment. Big inhale through your nose long exhale through your nose. Again big breath in big breath out one more time deep inhale in deep exhale continue breathing smooth. 

The baddha konasana lying on your back with your knees open like butterfly legs place your hands wherever comfortable and relaxed. Gently close your eyes and notice how good it feels to just let go gently draw your knees together pulling your knees into your chest and rock little circles on your lower back and then to set up a bridge pose. 

Place your feet flat on your mat about hip-distance apart take your hands down by your sides and position yourself. So your fingertips barely graze your heels and tuck your tailbone up to the ceiling and lift your hips up as your knees press forward and your weight presses down. Evenly through your feet keep lifting up through your hips so much that your shoulders begin to roll open, If it feels good for you today add a chest expansion by shimmying your shoulders underneath and interlacing through your hands and press your forearms into the mat as you lift up even higher, now make sure that your weight is anchoring evenly through your feet as if you're pressing two footprints into your mat or three two one slowly release coming all the way down and hold your knees into your chest for full wind bones rocking out little circles on your lower back or feel free to take any other postures that serve you before we release into our final pose.

 Whenever you're ready release your Shavasana extend your legs out long let your feet fall open to take your arms down by your sides and take up plenty of space so your shoulders can roll open your palms can face up lengthen the back of your neck and relax your jaw with your eyes gently closed relax. your eyelids your eyebrows and the corners of your eyes feel your whole body soften your muscles relax and feel your body becoming heavy and soft you.

you with your eyes so close and your body completely relaxed become aware of the room around you. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, the things, the beings, the energy I'm bringing that awareness closer into the four corners of your mats. 

Your body your clothes the sensation on your skin tingling warrants coolness. you're all that awareness further in and notice just how relaxed you feel you're soft effortless growth a face full of calm and bliss take some of this mindfulness with you. as we transition off varmints first response I decide and wiggle out your fingers and toes open and close your mouth and gently roll over onto one side and with your eyes still closed press yourself up be seated bring your hands together at heart center and observe the warmth between your palms trust that there will be seasons of life. The seasons of practice trust that there will always be opportunities for experience and growth trust the process and go with the flow Namaste.


•          Back damage or distress: Do this posture with your knees bowed and your feet on the floor, hip-separation separated; either tie the thighs parallel to one another with the strap (taking care to not position the heels too on the brink of the buttocks) or support the bent knees on a bolster.

          Pregnancy: Raise your head and chest on help.

Beginner's Tip

Often it's tough to unleash the heads of the thigh bones and soften the groins during this cause. This makes pressure all through the body and limits the breath. Take 2 10-pound sand luggage and lay one across every high thigh, parallel to the crease of the groin. Then imagine that the heads of the thigh bones area unit sinking removed from the burden, down into the ground.


          Quiets the mind and assuages pressure and gentle melancholy
          Relaxes the body
          Reduces headache, fatigue, and insomnia
          Helps to lower blood pressure


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