Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose 

What's up, guys? today we are going to do bhujangasana the cobra pose. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose is a leaning back-bowing asana in hatha yoga and present-day yoga as exercise. It is commonly performed in a cycle of asanas in Surya Namaskar as an alternative to Urdhva Mukha Svanasana.

 It's a gentle backbend but a few precautions, if you've had a back injury or you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome avoid doing the pose and definitely don't do the pose if you are pregnant. when we do this pose you need to be very careful that you don't strain your lower back to get into the pose.

 So we start on the floor make sure your weight is evenly distributed on all parts of the knees and directly under your hips hip-width apart. Inhale and stretch uplift your chest as you exhale sit back and stretch your arms ahead. Let's try that again bring your hands back underneath the shoulders. Directly under the shoulders inhale and stretch up you can even curl your toes under. you can better support this way as you exhale sit back to stretch your toes out under you. Sit back on your heels stay there for a while and coming back up walk the knees forward and just sit back for a moment.

 so we're going to have a look at the action when we move into the Cobra, so you're going to draw the elbows in towards the body not away in and press the shoulders down your back gently drawing the shoulder blades. Let's this part of your back as you shoulder blade down and gently in towards each other and press the palms as if you're pressing them against a wall lengthen the neck and relax. 

Let's try that one more time press the shoulders down bring the elbows in the draw the shoulder blades down the back lengthen the neck and relax. So that's the action of the shoulders gently pressing down your back and we're going to try and do that one more time with the arms. So you inhale and bring the arms up as you exhale draw the elbows up and place your palms on the shoulders. It can be higher on the shoulder blades try not to arch your back as you're doing that relax the navel, relax your chest and just draw up through the arms press down with the shoulders inhale to exhale.

 Let's try that one last time inhale and stretch up shoulders down the back relax the hands onto your shoulder blades or shoulders press down gently with your shoulder blades make sure you're not arching in the lower back relax the stomach and release. Let's see what happens with the feet now we're going to lie down on our stomachs and that's where you will be in the pose.

 I'd like you to just relax your upper body completely and focus on your legs as you inhale stretch your right leg up point the toe so stretching the entire leg the hamstring all the way from the hip, entire leg working relax make sure you continue to breathe don't hold your breath inhale bring the left leg up lengthen the leg grow long with the leg and relax.So that's the action that's happening in the legs. 

Let's try it first to just do a small variation maybe a half Cobra it's also called a sphinx. Even when you're doing this you want to make sure that you don't compress or shorten oppress into your lower back. You want to lift through the stomach through the chest and lift up rather than press down into your lower back so you bring your elbows directly underneath the shoulders and press the shoulders down. There is a tendency sometimes to let this happen shoulders come up and the neck comes out like a turtle coming out of its shell.

 You want to do the opposite, you want to press the shoulders down a lift from your navel all the way up till the chest and just look gently ahead now remember what happened with the legs, When we stretch them there was that stretching feeling so press gently with your toes in the tops of your feet and gently drop the muscles at the tops of you kneecaps. Look up to keep breathing take three more deep breaths if your neck is comfortable you can look up and then you relax turn your head to the other side.

The rest for a moment you're in the crocodile pose you can have your toes pointing away from each other releasing your hip and let's come back draw the legs back they are about hip-width apart and we are going to try a half Cobra with your hands underneath your shoulders again remember don't compress the lower back lengthens through the front. So the feet are hip-width apart forehead on the mac stretch the toes out and press the tops of your feet gently down towards the map bring the hands either directly under the shoulders or a little outside wherever you feel good and we do a small movement not very big keeping the elbows bent and squeezing them in towards the body inhale and rise up rise up to the point.

Where you can hold without pressing into your hands and you're using all the muscles from the navel up to the chest to lengthen your body and release again rest for a moment. So legs active stomach active back muscles will work as well but you don't want to press into your lower back. Let's try that one more time inhale and rise up get a forward feeling to squeeze the knee elbows in raise, the hands of the mat using your back to stay there take three deep breaths shoulder relaxed press down the back elbows closely and gently come down to the mat make a pillow with your hands turn your head to the other side again and bring the big toes together. 

This time see if you feel more comfortable this way in the crocodile poses rest for a while. Feeling your abdomen gently pressing against the mat every time you inhale and come back to the center this time we are going to try the same thing the half Cobra or baby Cobra with the heels pressed against each other the feet are together heels pressing in hands directly underneath the shoulders or slightly outside forehead, on the mat press down into the tops of the feet, inhale and come up  lengthening your back lift the hands off-take three deep breaths to press the shoulders down elbows in and gently relax. 

Let's try going a little higher if your back allows you shouldn't be feeling any pain in your lower back .so you bring your hands once more underneath the shoulders press the tops of the feet down keep the legs active lift through the navel all the way up to the chest press. The shoulders down as you come up bring the elbows in towards each other inhale look up here breathing and Gentiles relax the legs stretch the arms out in front of you and just take three deep breaths which are going to try one more variation for our last variation. Separate the feet bring them hip-width apart bring the hands close to your waist to relax there for a moment press down into the tops of the feet, let the kneecaps be nice and active inhale and just raise up to don't even think of looking up just lengthen your back press the shoulders down bring the elbows in make sure you're not feeling any discomfort or compression in your lower back.

 You're rising up without doing that and release this time we're going to try and straighten the arms without rising up to the shoulders as you inhale press down into the tops of the feet bring the shoulders down. The back and shoulders up if this is where you need to stop and if you go further the shoulders are going to come up stop. There either look straight ahead or gently draw the chin up if you feel you can stretch more without straining your lower back stretch up, look straight ahead for now and take three deep breaths pressing the shoulders down not letting them come up pressing down into all parts of your power. 

He comes down again bring your hands under the shoulders sit up and come to Child's Pose to release and round the back. So we're doing an opposition we've been arching the back for a while. We're just going to stay off for a good five to six. Let's stay longer if you need to stay longer, so that was bhujangasana the cobra pose helps you stretch up like a snake could be very mindful, that you don't compress or strain your lower back when you're doing this pose if at first, it is difficult for you to hold the pose for long periods of time you can shorten the amount of time. 

You hold it hold for a few breaths release your back and then try again two to three times more eventually when you're comfortable and confident of holding the posture. You can hold for twenty to thirty seconds it's a wonderful pose to strengthen the spine firm the buttocks it also works the legs and it's a great chest opener so it helps you connect with yourself by opening your heart allowing you to breathe more freely than was bhujangasana.


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