Adho mukha svanasana or Downward Dog - Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Adho mukha svanasana or Downward Dog - Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Adho mukha svanasana or Downward Dog - Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

What's up, guys? Today, I'm going to be share with you how to do a mukha svanasana or the downward-facing dog pose. you would have seen it often as part of the Sun Salutation, it's a very popular posture good for relieving back pain and when performed correctly it looks like an inverted V.

A few precautions if you're practicing the pose today if you are in your later stages of pregnancy avoid the pose if you have high blood pressure or a headache. It has some variations of the pose you can practice with a stack of pillows or a bolster under your head. If you have diarrhea or any stomach disorder at the moment avoid the pose because it will stimulate your digestive organs, even more, anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome should avoid the pose and if you have any injuries and your wrists your elbows or your shoulders avoid practicing or practice with caution.

Let's begin: So we will break it down for you so we'll do a few warm-ups and for that, we'll come to a standing position. So slowly come up and measure out your feet hip-width apart so your feet are directly under the hips inhale and bring the arms up relax the shoulders into the sockets feel your stomach and your thigh is working hold on to your elbows with either hand if this feels very difficult in your shoulders start to hunch, you can just keep your arms shoulder-width apart palms facing each other inhale one more time as you exhale slowly fold forward slowly waking up the lower body.

 The back and the hamstrings we're just going to move from one side to another like like a rag doll. You're learning to breathe in a relaxed way as you're doing that and then if you feel good just allow your body to hang down or you can hold on to your elbows if you feel like being higher you can be the higher thing to keep in mind is no pressure on the lower back and no protests no pain in the hamstring. So you're just slowly waking up the body make sure your knees don't come in keep the knees out in line with your ankles and your tools parallel relax there take three deep breaths and wherever you are inhaling to slowly come up if your arms are up straightened the arms rest the shoulders into their sockets again relax the arms.

One more time coming down to the floor sit back to bring the knees close to each other sitting on your heels. If you feel very uncomfortable sitting like this it could be for two reasons could be tightness in the knees in which case you need to take a towel roll it up or a yoga mat and place it underneath like so this is a little too high but something that takes the pressure off your knees? if you feel uncomfortable here because the tightness is in your ankle then you can roll up your mat or place a rolled towel under the ankles. so your ankles can relax so we're going to stay in this pose for a while inhale deeply as you exhale fold forward if you can bring your forehead down bring it down hands close to the feet elbows resting on the floor.

 If you can otherwise make a fist with your hand place it under your forehead if you're much higher can make two fists rest then relax the shoulders we're just going to stay in child's pose for five to six deep breaths. You may feel like you can't sit back on your heels and you're higher up that's fine too can place something underneath your hips between the hips and the heels to make yourself feel comfortable wherever you are just resting there inhale to come up bring your hands underneath your shoulders.

 Step the legs back bring them the knees directly underneath your hips inhale to stretch up like a cat exhale curve your back round it inhale again releasing the lower back upper back and exhale. one more time inhale and stretch up exhale come to a neutral spine don't let your stomach hang down to draw the navel in towards the spine neutral is when you're neither arched no curved but in a relaxed place. your hands are pressing into the floor or into your mat with your weight on all four points of your pump near the basis of the fingers as well as towards the base of the palm not into the wrists make sure this doesn't happen to you move the shoulders away from the ears down the back curl the toes under keeping the stomach active and just bring the knees off the mat for a moment keep the neck in line with your body continue to breathe there.

Take three deep breaths using your stomach and gently come down once more rest draw the knees into each other release the risk let's do ten of these three just keep breathing normally for five you can roll your wrists either from the inside to the out outside of the end whichever you like eight nine and ten and reverse it ten of them at your own pace seven eight nine and relax.

Then you maybe a few shoulder rolls wake up the shoulders five times one way five times the other way so upper body as well as your legs your calms your hamstrings should feel a little more awake. Now take the hands for the forward step the feedback and try to press your palms down into the floor press your hips up towards the ceiling keep the knees bent so we try the first variation of downward-facing dog with the knees bent we're trying to straighten and lengthen the back and put all the way down into the palms press down into the forefinger and the thumbs.

 Stay there for three deep breaths and slowly bring the knees down to the mat bring them closer to each other rest for a moment again in Child's Pose coming back place the arms and the important thing about your shoulders you want to press them down into the sockets and have them in an open position. So the inner arm will come up the outer arm will move down in order for your shoulder to rotate externally to open but the opposite is happening with the forearm because you're pressing down into the palm.

So the forearm comes in as the upper arm moves out feels like it's impossible but just remember to press down into the full finger and the thumb and try and bring the outer arms down towards the floor not having the shoulders in but in a relaxed open position.
Let's try moving back with the legs just a little bit and pressing up again with a bent knees let's repeat what we did on the floor press down into the forefinger and the thumb brings the outer arms down towards the floor, now try to lengthen and straighten the back you don't want to curve the back like this you want to lengthen it so you have your feet about hip-width apart knees are bent and you're trying to straighten out your back as much as you can your ears can be between your arms, you can look back at your knees.

If you like take three more deep breaths there and from there now see if you can bring your right heel down towards the floor stretching out that calf as much as you can the hamstring all the way up into the hip and gently bending that right leg press the left leg down see, if you can bring the heel all the way down try not to move too much in the hips as you're doing this interchange try not to let this happens to try to keep the hips where they are and just moving with your breath now.

 We can go a little faster if you like last time bend the knees again come back to Child's Pose rest and slowly coming back up so let's try the pose now with straight legs you're going to take your arms ahead maybe I put ahead of her body press the palms down this can tend to happen before the forefinger in the thumb releasing contact with the flow. when you come up into the pool so press down really strongly bring the shoulders down open the shoulders step the legs back, you don't want your feet to be too far away from your body, you need to gauge. You don't want them to be too close to finding the right distance. You can be with slightly soft knees at first press down into the mat with the hands and see if you can bring the heels down towards the floor see how you feel with the neck you can keep the ears between the arms. If you like continuing to bring the outside of the arms down towards the floor or look back at your knees or even at your navel.

If you're comfortable if you feel any strain on your neck release if you have been practicing this pose for a while see if you can bring the toes of the mat all the toes bring them off the mat and press the heels down into the floor or down into the mat pressing down into the palms at the same time take two more deep breaths gently drawing the energy up from the heels all the way up into the hips relax the toes back towards the mat, when you look back at your feet you shouldn't be able to see the insides of your heels your feet are hip-width apart take a nice long inhale as you exhale bring the knees down onto the mat rest in Child's Pose rest for as long as you like.

You also going to try a variation for people who have a headache or if you have high blood pressure if you have any medical condition it's always best to practice yoga under the guidance of the teacher. So you have your bolster down on the mat you can have a stack of pillows or a yoga block if you don't have a bolster walk to the point where you are ready to go into the fours and rest the top of your head on the top of the bolster you can practice the poles this way so there's no pressure on your head.

Your relaxed shoulders are moving away from the ears they're open feet are hip-width apart you can also try with bend knees if your hamstrings protest try and straighten your back as you do that try not to let the back round and to rest you come down and rest in Child's Pose.
Once more those of you who have been practicing this pose for a while you can try a more intense variation can try three-legged dogs. So you're in your pose at first transfer all your weight into your hands your left foot tries not to let your shoulders move as you bring your right leg off the mat take a few deep breaths and right leg back place it on the floor transfer weight into that foot. The right foot both hands you don't want the shoulders to shift as you lift the left leg up on an inhale make sure your ears are in between the arms if your the heel comes off the mat that's fine you can hold the poles this way as well.

On the next exhale bring the leg down and rest in Child's Pose so that was downward-facing dog some of the benefits of the pose are the down dog will strengthen the muscles of your wrists, your arms, your shoulder as well as strengthening and stretching your back. It helps you stretch your hamstrings that's the muscle at the back of your thigh, your calves, your ankles, and your feet if you have trouble sleeping if you have insomnia the pose can be beneficial for you it also helps relieve backaches and calm down the mind.


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