10 simple things to do for everyday Good health!

10 simple things to do for everyday Good health!

10 simple things to do for everyday Good health!

Here are ten pointers that can be adopted by anyone and everyone to help be healthy:

  • Sleep: Ideally, it’s recommended that one should go to bed by ten in the evening. This is because before midnight the cosmic position of the earth provides the most favorable radiation for the regeneration of the nervous system. In fact, it is widely believed that the best hours for sleep and complete rest is between ten in the evening and four in the morning.

  • Alcohol and Tobacco: Alcohol and Tobacco destroy the nervous centers that Yoga seeks to animate and hence it best abstains from the vices of alcohol and tobacco. Abuse of them not only leads to deterioration of health, but also to mental force and vigor.

  • Swimming: Make most of an opportunity to swim in a lake, Sea, river, etc... Particularly swimming in the sea, tones the skin up with the minerals, iodine and pure air rich in ozone. Swimming is the best exercise for regulating and controlling breathing, and hence extremely beneficial to health.

  • Airings / ‘Air bathing’: Ever so often, one must remove the clothing to allow the pores to breathe freely. This is extremely good for the body and improves the exterior tone to the neurovegetative system helping develop a strong power of resistance.

  • Drugs: These are a definite no-no! They hurt the nervous and digestive system and ruin the freshness of the complexion. Toxic products such as these are a veritable poison for the body and the mind. They reduce the mental faculties and destroy the will-power and resistance.

  • Eating: Meals must be taken in moderation. Food should be thoroughly masticated (chewed) so that it is mixed with the saliva and may be absorbed and assimilated more easily. Excessive consumption of meat introduces many toxins and waste products severely taxing the digestive organs. Yoga endorses food such as raw and green vegetables, fruits, and fresh fruit juices, milk and dairy products and honey filled with Prana is of supreme importance for life, energy and health.

  • Bath: Shower everyday! This gives the skin a chance to breathe considering that it is mostly covered in a thick layer of clothes!

  •  Rest and Relaxation: Rhythmic breathing will help relax.

  • Sunbathing: Sunbathing is a source of energy and force, provided it is practiced carefully and deliberately. The rays of the sun are a marvelous tonic and care must be taken not to abuse it. Even better, sitting by a water body like river, lake, sea allowing the rays to be reflected off the water will be more beneficial than the direct rays. The best time for sunbathing in the morning, at dawn when the sun rises. This is the time when it can cure many illnesses.

  • Walking barefoot: Walk barefoot as much as possible especially in good weather in fields, meadows, riversides, beaches, etc... This is because of the soles of the feet absorb the earth’s radiation thus fortifying and refreshing the whole being to an amazing degree.

Please note that the

  • Yoga asana and pranayama must be performed on an empty stomach.

  • Wait for at least four to four and a half hours after a heavy meal before attempting to exercise.

  • In the case of fruit juice, tea/cup, milk, biscuits, etc. consumption, a gap of one and a half-hour should be adequate before exercise is attempted.

  •  Each of the above in its entirety can be practiced by anybody and everybody as part of the daily routine to be healthy.


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