Stretch Your Feet (Part -5)

Stretch Your Feet (Part -5)

Stretch Your Feet (Part -5)

Carry On

As you become rooted, self-supported, you will find the confidence to handle anything life throws your way. Our Feet, they support and carry us thru life, yet often go neglected and unnoticed until they hurt.  Our feelings are a reflection of our attitude, confidence, energy as well as our place in the world.

Standing on your own two feet is a sign of growing up, no longer dependent. Put your best foot forward represents stepping forward with courage and confidence. Dig your heels in- holding on tight fear of change. Then intention is to be able to plant your weight and energy firmly and confidently beneath you.  As you can do this you are better prepared to meet comfortably the challenges that life may throw your way. As you become rooted, self-supported, you will find the confidence to handle anything life throws your way.  As you begin to accept and acknowledge that the way we are in the world fits and mold the shape and function of our feet, then you are ready to take the steps needed to reverse the process in two ways. As we become more grounded emotionally we will find this reflected in our feet or we can begin to restructure the feet and observe changes in our lifestyle and way of being in the world.

As you come to focus your attention on the four corners of your feet.  Notice if the weight is evenly distributed between not only left and right sides of the feet, but left and right foot and also about front to back.

Notice how a shift in the action of the feet can change the sensation in the pose.  Try lifting your toes into your shin, pointing your toes, turning your toes in or out.  Can you detect how a simple movement in the feet affects many areas of the body? Often tightness in the sole of the feet is reflective of tight hamstrings as the feet are a continuation of the back of the legs.

Become more observant of your feet in your practice; don’t wait until they hurt before you give them any mind. As you leave the mat today, be reminded that the way we ground our self physically is the way we ground our self emotionally.  Notice as you walk through the day; if you take small uncertain steps or large confident steps.  Adjust your stride to be reflective of the emotional state you need to be in for that moment. Appreciate the need for balance and stability as you give yourself time to slow down and support yourself, Your feet are your roots, they are your foundation, the hands that touch the earth.

I read how the Redwood trees, known for their strength and longevity, actually have very shallow root systems, yet because they share their root systems they each help support the whole system. Especially women need to strengthen their root system as ask for and encourage each other.

As we begin to build a healthy support system it is important that we choose wisely with who and when we share them.  Finding women who we can trust and that you feel safe with is a great guide.  Have the courage then to ask for support when you need it and be willing to provide support for others when they need it.  This will in turn help create, like the redwoods, a safety net that as a whole is greater than its parts.


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